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Around town: Annual Maker Faire hosts innovators of all ages

Mountain Xpress 09 Apr 2024
Maker Faire is about coming together, getting inspired and finding ‘your people.’” ... Others include a DIY hardware-hacking and rapid prototyping space, 3D printers and one of Flores’ favorites — a life-size, 3D-printed, talking R2D2 from Star Wars ... .

5 easy tasks that supercharge your digital security

PC World 29 Mar 2024
Whether it’s using leaked info from website breaches to hack into your other accounts or holding your personal computer ransom for money, malicious evildoers won’t hesitate to ruin your day if it puts profits in their pockets.

Curious about Bitcoin but unsure of how much you should own?

All Crypto Whitepapers 29 Mar 2024
... hacking incidents ... Being aware of secure storage practices, such as using hardware wallets or establishing backups and encryption methods, is essential to mitigate potential risks of hacking and theft.

CCP’s Extended Surveillance Mechanism: Insights from I-Soon Leak

Greek City Times 26 Mar 2024
The researcher highlighted spying software developed by I-Soon for Windows, Macs, iPhones and Android devices, and hardware hacking devices designed to be used in real-world situations that can crack ...

Trezor X account compromised as hackers push phony Solana token

BTC Manager 20 Mar 2024
Cybercriminals targeted Trezor, a hardware wallet ...

5 key terms around ‘Self-Custody’ you must know

Trezor 19 Mar 2024
Hardware wallets. So, what’s the best way to practice self-custody? Get a hardware wallet ... A Trezor hardware wallet stores your private keys offline, which protects them from potential hacks or unauthorized access.

Beginner’s Guide to Investing on Coinbase

The Signal 18 Mar 2024
Understanding Cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? ... Key concepts ... Wallets ... They come in various forms, including software, hardware, and paper wallets ... Store them securely, preferably offline in a hardware wallet, to protect against theft or hacking ... .

When science fiction becomes reality: Experts reveal the most realistic APOCALPYSE movies - so, does...

The Daily Mail 17 Mar 2024
'A superintelligence could likely hack its way into most of the internet, and thereby control online hardware, create bioweapons, convince humans to do things against their interest by controlling ...

Experts moot warrant rule changes

Taipei Times 16 Mar 2024
Introducing electronic warrants would improve the efficacy of detaining people as long as the archive is coordinated, its records can be verified and law enforcement personnel are provided with decent software and hardware, Chang said.

Your American Express credit card info may have been hacked

Digital Trends 04 Mar 2024
American Express has put out a data breach advisory after third-party merchants experienced a hacking incident targeting its payment hardware, as reported by Bleeping Computer ... processor was hacked.

Hijacking, murder-suicide… or shot down by the US: As Malaysia considers backing a new search for...

The Daily Mail 04 Mar 2024
However, Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration dismissed the theory, with the US government agency stating his hack would not work on certified flight hardware.

China to enter stealth mode to protect key industries

Business Day 26 Feb 2024
Reuters reported in 2023 that Chinese government entities and state-owned enterprises were accelerating efforts to replace Western-made hardware and software with domestic alternatives, partly due to fears of hacking from foreign adversaries.

China to increase protections against hacking for key industries

Hong Kong Standard 26 Feb 2024
Reuters reported last year that Chinese government entities and state-owned enterprises were accelerating efforts to replace Western-made hardware and software with domestic alternatives, partly due to fears of hacking from foreign adversaries ... .

Google Engineers Hack PS Portal to Run Emulated PSP Games

Push Square 21 Feb 2024
... for general consumption anytime in the "near future", but the hack is "all software-based", meaning no hardware exploitation is required.

7 Best Avalanche (AVAX) Wallets: The Complete Guide for 2024

CryptoPotato 21 Feb 2024
The wallet provides 24/7 customer support, integrates with Trezor hardware for added security, and allows users to stake assets for passive income ... the browser extension is compatible with Ledger hardware wallets Other chains supported ... Hack history.